Welche Arten von Messerblocks gibt es?

What types of knife blocks are there?
As already indicated, there are very different variants for knife blocks, all of which have their own advantages (and sometimes disadvantages). Whether a knife block is stocked or bought unstocked usually plays only a minor role in these distinctions. https://messersettest.de/messerblock-test/

Classic wooden knife block:
When we talk about a knife block, most people have exactly this form in mind. DabeiWhat types of knife block are there in a test? It is a block mostly made of bamboo or rubber wood. As a rule, the block at its top is so slanted that the inserts for the various knives can be seen and easily reached. In such a knife block, the inserts for special knife shapes and sizes are prefabricated. So it usually only fits a very specific knife into the respective insertion, which contributes to a good order. The catch, however, is that you rely on the knives of the knife block maker. If a knife is damaged or even lost, you must be able to buy exactly the same knife. In the case of knife blocks from the well-known brand manufacturers, this is usually not a problem either. However, it becomes more difficult when you have acquired a cheap knife block from an unknown producer. Often it is not possible to understand at all who made the knives. And even if: Many of these manufacturers are based in Far Eastern countries and do not offer individual knives for young consumers to buy.

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